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Wedding Dance Lessons

Twirl across the floor with beauty and confidence on your big day. Our studio will help you learn the steps for that special song or choreograph a unique dance for your entire wedding party. Our studio is an inclusive atmosphere that accepts all couples. 

  • First Dance

  • Mother-Son

  • Father-Daughter

  • Wedding Party Choreography

  • Anniversary Party


We offer a relaxed atmosphere with a patient and caring instructor. Lessons are customized for each couple.


Learning how to dance takes time, just like any other skill. Don’t wait until the last minute! Contact us today to schedule your first lesson.

The wedding industry is known for jacking up the prices. 


We've done the opposite, and cut the cost.

Our wedding gift to you!

Only $325 for 5 lessons (Save $50!)

Many couples may find they will need more than 5 lessons, but as professionals, we highly recommend 5 as a minimum.

What To Expect For Your Dance

Every dance and couple is different for every special event. Your instructor will take your input and help design an obtainable dance you can be proud of.

A popular option for many couples is to learn how to dance with each other by learning patterns that can be led/followed in any order. The other option is to have a choreographed dance created where every aspect of your dance will be timed exactly to the song you have chosen to dance to.


Once the bulk of your dancing is learned, your instructor will introduce options to you on how you may want to enter onto the floor and how you would like to end your dance.

All of this will be kept in mind with the amount of time and effort you are willing to give us. It takes time to learn any skill. Especially when it is a physical skill, and especially if you are new to dancing.

Wedding Dance Checklist


Couple om Wedding

Do you have a song picked out? A DJ? A style of dance? It's OK if you don't know what you want quite yet! We are here to help you every step of the way. Your instructor will plan and customize your lessons to fit your special day.


Please fill out this form before your first lesson. Be sure to work together as a couple!

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