Frequently Asked Questions

Studio Policies

What is your cancellation/rescheduliung policy?

For all cancellations or reschedules, a phone call, text or email is acceptable to or 913-703-5336. Private Lessons When you schedule a private lesson of any kind, you are reserving that 1hr slot of your instructor’s time. We understand things come up, but we need at least 24 hours to attempt to fill your slot if you are not going to make it. You instructor typically puts time into planning your lesson. No shows will be charged for the full amount of the lesson missed. Private Group Classes This form of group class is a 1hr lesson that has been specifically reserved for your party of 4 or more. You will have one instructor on one style of dance you choose. A scheduling fee of $45 is required. Once a time slot has been reserved, you may reschedule as long we are given a 24hr advanced notice. Cancelling too late or no shows will not receive a refund of the scheduling fee of the lesson missed. Group Classes Social Dances

General Questions

Do I need a partner?

The short answer is No. While on your lesson, your instructor is your partner. There will be chances to dance with other students at our social events and group classes. You will learn quicker when you take lessons by yourself because you only have to worrry about you since your instructor already has their part down and "won't mess up". Couples who take lessons will dance mostly with each other during their lessons. At some point, it is also a great opportunity to have a lesson by yourself when your partner can't make it.

How long does it take before I'm finished taking lessons?

This question is really dependent on what you're dance goals are as a student. Wedding couples or students who are getting ready for an event may only want to take lessons to achieve a level of confidence just good enough to not feel awkward in front of their family and friends. Other students have been wanting to learn how to dance for years, or even decades, and now they have the opportunity to start lessons and will continue to do so as a life long hobby! We teach our students using a internationally recognized dance syllabus that is organized into 3 levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Most students will never want to achieve a level past Bronze. Depending on how many dances you choose to learn, your Bronze program may take longer to complete.

What is ballroom dancing?

Ballroom dancing does have a specific definition. In explaining what we dance to beginnners, we like to let it loosley be defined under a broad umbrella of partnership dancing. This could mean any dance where you are dancing with a partner such as: Salsa, Waltz, Lindy Hop, Argentine Tango, Country Two Step, etc. As you take a look at our Dances We Teach page, you'll notice there are different categories but they are all partnership dances and are all styles of dance that would be done at a ballroom dance competition. The most common tagline you may see at a dance studio such as ours is usually phrased as teaching styles of Ballroom, Latin, Country and Swing. The common dances that are categorized as Ballroom would be: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz. These are considered SMOOTH/STANDARD dances. The other category would be RHYTHM/LATIN dances. These could include dances like: Rumba, Cha cha, Swing, Samba. Dances that are typically danced socially or in nightclubs are: Country Two Step, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop,

What should I expect on my first lesson?

In anticipation for your first lesson, you may feel nervous, excited or unsure of what it will be like. This is completely normal for any new activity that is outside of our comfort zone. Fear not! (finger raised in the air)

Where are you located? How can I get there?

We are located at 416 Laramie St. Manhattan, KS 66502

The studio is located in the residential neighborhood right across from the 4th Street aparments and behind Hyvee.
When you arrive, you should see the sign out front. Please park on the street and make your way around the right side of the building. The entrance to the studio is at the back. Enter through that door and head the downstairs. Please come down the stairs right when you arrive. We can't visibly see when you get here. Even if you hear us talking with someone or teaching a lesson. We will assume that you haven't arrived yet. When you do come down, please find an open seat and we'll be with you in just a moment.


What are the rates for private lessons?

Private lesson cost can range between $45-$75. Special event lessons like a wedding or coming of age parties (Quinceañera, Cotillion, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, etc.) are priced at $65/hr. and may incur fees for choreography.

Private Group Lessons

This form of group class is a 60 minute lesson that has been specifically reserved for your party of 4 or more. You will have one instructor on one style of dance you choose and will be tailored to the common skill level of your party.

Group Classes